Custom Employee Performance Reporting

The Assignment: A TappMath client needed to monitor their employees’ performance through regular reporting. Employee performance was measured using custom metrics determined by the client. Additionally, the client wanted to be able to easily assess individual employee performance.

The TappMath Solution: TappMath created a reporting system in which the client received an easy-to-use Excel file. The Excel sheet data was updated each month with information pulled directly from the client’s database. To get the newest information, the client simply had to refresh the Excel sheet. The client was also easily able to filter information based on specific employees.

Tools: To create this report TappMath utilized SQL, advanced Excel formulas to calculate custom metrics and Visual Basic to create an intuitive, easy-to-use interface.

Value Add: In addition to being able to monitor overall staff productivity with the click of a button, the employee report could be filtered to show the metrics for a single, specific employee. This enabled the client to pinpoint areas where the employee was less productive and identify constructive ways to address the problem. That, in turn, led to an increase in job satisfaction for employees and less turnover in general. The report became a powerful tool for the client to use in making informed human resource decisions.