Revenue Increase From Custom Business Intelligence Development

The Assignment: A TappMath client was already using existing metrics to optimize and increase their revenue. However, fine tuning by TappMath increased the effectiveness of the client’s existing strategy. TappMath identified a new metric that 0.9% more likely to identify a paying customer.

The TappMath Solution: TappMath introduced a second variable and used it in conjunction with an already-existing metric. The new data analysis was formatted into a color-coded Excel spreadsheet that clearly identified key patterns for the client.

Tools and Methodology: Prior attempts to acquire customers were divided into deciles for each variable. Once the aforementioned pattern was identified, a model with a parameter was created. A Xi square fit was used to identify the best value of the parameter and create a new metric.

Value Add: The client incorporated the new metric into their database and was able to better identify paying customers.